The interest for telemedicine has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic because of the risk of infection.Recently,commercial companies started selling digital USB-otoscopes(DUO) that can be connected to a mobile phone.These DUOs are inexpensive(costing approximately $6-35 each) and make it possible to visualize the whole tympanic membrane.Here,we illustrate the case of a patient who had operative correction of a tympanic membrane retraction,and who self-monitored the tympanic membrane in the course of time.Additionally,we discuss the use of DUOs in otolaryngology telemedicine practice.The use of simple digital USB otoscopes provides a promising method to assess and monitor the tympanic membrane remotely.However,more research is needed to establish the role of DUOs in telemedicine.

Telemedicine; Tympanic membrane; Tympanic membrane retractions; Digital otoscopes;


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